Monday, April 25, 2005

One More Fix

Oh god
, it's happened to me.

World of Warcraft Addiction.

I'm definitely in Stage 1: Compulsive playing at the expense of health, sanity, sleep and personal/professional relationships.

I think the essential component that this game has that City of Heroes lacked is the ability to make things -- something I didn't really see as essential but definitely provides a good balance to constant brawls. And the idea that a person becomes a super-powerful Mage just so they could scour the lands for the perfect materials to make a shirt is very appealing to me.

I'm trying to get the spouse to start a sort of joint character, being that she cannot navigate three-dimensional virtual spaces without getting ill. In other words, I need a way to have an alt that doesn't get me divorced, and I see no reason why gaming shouldn't bring marriages closer.

It's not as if I can't see her enjoying aspects of the game. She has, at this point, read more fantasy novels than me, and she consumes them with zeal. Which makes me think that maybe I should find us a Role Playing Server.

I sucked her in by comparing aspects of WoW to Kingdom of Loathing which she played long after I got hopelessly confused by the myriad combinations of things. So I explained that there were different professions in WoW that were much the same and she nodded and agreed it was interesting.

Of course, the fact that she isn't averse to the idea is absolutely wonderful. The fact that she doesn't seem to mind the horrible way I will obsessively play videogames, at least until some kind of plateau is reached and I can safely back away, is commendable as well.

In short, I'm glad I married a geek.

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