Tuesday, April 19, 2005

NCSoft's Next Challenge - Please?

is already making a future-game of auto combat (a la Car Wars), so why not a game that posits an altered-timeline-past of aerial dogfighting, air pirates, zeppelins and crazy Tesla inventions?

Yes, I'm talking about Crimson Skies.

I really loved the XBox game, great action elements, cool storyline. I longed for a ground game, however, not just the flying.

So give me the damn thing online already. And make it massive. And multiplayer.

There's so much backstory and detail in this world it screams for someone to snatch up the property quick-like.

They show seventeen airplanes on the website, leaving room for zeppelins, cargo planes, rockets and who-knows-what kind of experimental flyers.

I can see myself modifying my Sanderson FB-14 "Vampire", carefully tweaking the engines to deliver over 1700 horsepower, installing some black-market cannons, mounting a strange piece of technology called a Gauss gun (by the crazy scientist who made it for me) on the underside and putting the white hart decal some Navajo feller doodled up on the side of the cockpit.

Plenty of nations await exploration. Just beware of protected airspace. And don't even think about getting too far outside North America - there are nasty surprises waiting on the oceans, and most of them have big guns.

Fly the skies as a courier, bringing emergency supplies in the nick of time or delivering sensitive communiques. Or join the local air militia and work your way up through the ranks - maybe you'll get control of your own squadron someday. If you prefer to get paid well for your trouble, get a job with Blake Aviation Security and protect the rich and famous - maybe some'll rub off on you! Feeling like a bit of a bastard, then hook up with a group of Air Pirates - you get tough quick or you get dead quicker.

While you're not soaring through the air, take advantage of all that terra firma has to offer.

Seek out the restless inventors in the Industrial States of America and learn to assemble all manner of gadgets and gewgaws. Or voyage south to Dixie and learn some old-fashioned rifleman skills. Consult a Navajo medicine man and learn the art of herbs, healing and reading the signs of nature. Go to Columbia, meet with the League of Nations and brush up on your diplomacy. Maybe you'll travel to Hollywood and learn acting and deception.

Choose your sides. Support certain factions, or play all of them against each other. Sabotage corporations. Sell war secrets. Crush pirates. Raid shipping. Race your souped-up Bell Valiant MkII. Perform dazzling tricks in your Ravenscroft Coyote.

So how 'bout it, NCSoft?

Any takers? Any takers at all?

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