Sunday, January 30, 2005

My Press Release

I don't want
to see another Massively Multiplayer game that promises to revolutionize the genre.

I want to see a press release that says: "Chances are this game will be canceled before we even hit open beta. We are offering the exact same tripe in a prettier shell, which means it will run half as good on your system and lag twice as much. We promise to either (A) have too few servers to handle our initial popularity, thereby causing massive service outages while we struggle to play catch up OR (B) Have far too many servers for our small subscriber base, resulting in way too much overhead to pay costs and leading to early bankruptcy. If you've played one MMORPG, then you've played all of them up to and including ours, as well as, no doubt, every one in perpetuity for eternity. Our idea of innovation is expanding the leveling treadmill to include things even more boring than our endlessly repeating combat model. Trust us, there's nothing new here."

Not since gym memberships took off have so many people paid so many monthly fees to do such a limited number of mindless repetitive tasks.

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