Friday, December 21, 2007

Crysiswatch: Day Three

The NVIDIA Forceware update
released yesterday seemed to solve the worst of the problems, even though I still get a bad disc read error the first time I try to launch the game (the second attempt always works).

Until I got the Blue Screen of Death.

This game is doing everything it can to halt my forward progress. At this point I feel like maybe if I don't finish this game the world will end, that a malevolent force is ensuring my frustration by casting error incantations at my processor and video cards.

I will gather my strength by playing something that works, like Team Fortress 2.

Then once more into the breach.


Patrick said...

Why do you still use Windows? You know what I do when I want to complain about a system? I opt out.

Johnny Pi said...

If you have a better idea for an operating system that runs DirectX 10 and can handle dual 8800s in SLi configuration, then please suggest it. I looked at Apple, but they didn't offer the video cards and couldn't guarantee that they'd support DX10. Also the fact that Apple would charge me twice the price for half the computer I have now.

So what? Lindows? Ubuntu? I like to actually play games, and I'm looking to minimize my time spent tweaking drivers and fiddling with the registry.

It's actually been clear that the fault hasn't been Vista, but poor implementation of NVIDIA's software and just outright shoddy programming from Crytek (every forum post I had detailing similar problems to mine would invariably be running an 8800). I have 4 gigs of RAM and Crysis would eat it all up until it froze. Crytek was relying on NVIDIA to provide hotfixes for their shitty optimizations (the last few driver updates for NVIDIA actually stated that they were recommended for Crysis). Crytek would rather pass the buck to the video card manufacturer than get a patch delivered, even though they were very well aware that there could be problems since they developed with the Forceware alpha drivers.

The worst thing about Vista has been waiting on companies to update the software. I don't know how they are less to blame than Microsoft - most of them are holding out on updating because they've crunched the profit numbers, and they'd rather piss off early adopters than spare the cash, even though Vista isn't likely to go away any time soon.

I actually don't have confidence in any OS. My wife has had more trouble from her 3000 dollar Macbook than I've had from what is basically an OS beta.

The only OS I'd even consider at this point is XP, and even though DX10 is possible, I'd be throwing away lots of other functionality. And I'd still have to do the same thing I'm doing with Vista, which is tweaking and adjusting and troubleshooting, only I'd have the added guarantee of future support trickling away.

Other than that I'm not ready to go Thoreau and tune in, turn on, drop out. I like computer games. There are necessary nuisances which must be tolerated to maintain other happinesses.