Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Hate Yahoo

One day I tried
to log onto my Yahoo e-mail, the one I've had for at least eight years.

My password was denied.

And denied again.

And again.

Sure, I can have my password if I only give them all kinds of information, including all the original information with which I registered the account. Information I haven't looked at in at least eight years and which was most likely fake because I didn't want them knowing it.

So it's all gone. There was a lot of information in that account.

I could almost reach it, too. Before the cookies in my computer expired I could still watch the e-mail come in, but Yahoo's automatic sign-out (despite me clicking the box to stay signed in) asked me to re-authorize (even though the cookie was already accessing the account).

They tell me to fill out the page for a lost password, except my password isn't lost. It's been changed. Either the account's been hacked or their system fucked it up.

Fuck them. Seriously. Three e-mails and it's like a broken record: "Please give us the zip code under which this account was registered." I've lived in at least fifteen different zip codes since then, and that's assuming I used a real address.

This is just here for catharsis.

I'm glad I've switched almost everything over to Gmail at this point. They have an actual security question, one which I am prepared to answer (because they actually told me to remember it).

I guess the moral is: Yahoo is a shitty service that apparently can't look at a log and realize that my current IP address has been logging into that account for at least a year now, and that something is broken on their end.


Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened to me earlier this week. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one. I found yahoo's customer service to be very unreasonable. They allowed someone to hack into my account and use it to break into my paypal and ebay accounts for identity theft. It is infuriating and they won't even close down my account for me.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden I was unable to log in to my email account. I called their customer service and they made me change my password. I have had that password since 1998. I decided to be agreeable and change it figuring they had their reasons. Even though I can access their site, I am unable to get into my email because I repeatedly get prompted to verify my password. I have changed the password three times. Each time it allows me to log in once, but after I log out and try to get back in, back to the "verify your password" repeats and repeats.

Anonymous said...

yahoo has done this to me so much it makes me sick, am done with them gmail has probably got them beat all to h---. will know soon cause I am goin to gmail.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo did the same fucking thing to me! I have had my account for under a year, I have all the security stuff to keep people from hacking in. But today it told me that I had 'violated the terms of service, therefore my account had been terminated'. What other fucking things can they come up with? I had no connections, I posted NOTHING that violated the terms of service, and I didn't have a Yahoo Answer or anything else like that. I have no clue what I did, but it's good to know that I'm not the only one with the problem. I think I'll switch to gmail, too. And I'm never, ever, EVER going to go NEAR fucking Yahoo. Not if the shitty thing's going mess up like that. I hate Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Quit being a cry baby you FUCK!

So you lost your little password - grow some balls already!

You readily admit that you LIED about the info you used in the first place! What a shit head.

Security services are just that - there to PROTECT you in case something happens to your account.

Asshole. What are you - 12?

Grow up