Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

Issue #3
- Vista does not support my Lexmark printer at this time. In fact, my printer is one of the last to be supported. I'm assuming this is because the company focuses on getting their business printers up to speed (even though businesses are probably not the most likely to early-adopt) and then they focus on their home printers.

The end of April is the ETA for the drivers.

Going to try again tomorrow to hook the printer up through my wife's computer (running XP) despite the fact that the software didn't seem to like her DVD drive the first time (it showed the installation disk as blank).

Issue #4 - I have a Sony External DVD burner, a DRX-820U. My PC thinks it's a USB Mass Storage Device (maybe it is, technically). The software doesn't correct this error. The Sony firmware upgrade does not install at all (it restarts your computer automatically and tells you to run the upgrade once it restarts. When you run it after a restart it tells you the same thing - do NOT believe it the second time).

I solved the problem (sort of) by going into the Device Manager and selecting DVD/CD drives and telling it to look for new hardware after unplugging the USB cable from the back of the drive and plugging it in again. I don't know why that worked, but it showed up almost immediately.

I have no idea if it will actually burn disks.

Of course, my computer still tells me it's a Mass Storage Device and that I can Safely Remove Hardware.


I'm pretty sure that I could have avoided a lot of these issues if I had a dedicated server. Vista has no problem connecting to a computer running XP, but the other way around is apparently impossible.


It has been said that technology helps us save time. This is clearly a lie.


To be fair, WoW and Half-Life 2 run beautifully, Celtx, OpenOffice, and Inkscape installed with no hitches, and the whole presentation is smooth and clean.

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