Sunday, September 17, 2006

Frogger in a Blender?

If you've ever used
Blender and are also interested in making games, allow me to link you to the Blender Summer of Documentation Introduction to the Game Engine.

It sounds as if there is plenty of functionality, but looks as if the learning curve might be hefty. The author says no experience with Blender required. I might report back if I take a crack at it.

Perhaps this would be a good tool for early prototyping, especially for small teams, or for companies that don't want to throw a lot of resources at something without a proof of concept. I could definitely see an artist/programmer duo collaborating - if they only made some kind of networking capability (the way Writely allows simultaneous editing).

It's nice to see the confluence of these tools. Blender has a nice UI with a lot of the wrinkles smoothed out of it - one of the benefits of open-source.

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Duncan said...

Blender has always had a steep learning curve. I think that it comes with the open-source ground that they operate from. I'm glad to see Blender doing so well, and am usually impressed by the quality of stuff coming from the community. Whenever I bother to look.

Their determination to create a game engine still baffles me. Blender itself is a viable modeling and animation program. The addition of the in-program game engine is a little odd. It has also provided a stumbling block for several years. At one point I think it was even put on hold because of the issues it was causing.

Good on them if they got it working, though.