Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Industry's Jaws Are Crushing Me

Time these days
gushes forth like blood from an arterial wound.

Play the Star Wars: Empire at War demo -- right now. It's fantastic.

The controls weren't as complex as I'd feared. Everything functions smoothly, and there are several refinements that will probably feel necessary in all RTSes to follow. Best thing is the "far-zoom," where pulling out with the mousewheel all the way displays the map completely top-down and gets rid of the interface. Also, the game is pausable, and actual tactical thought becomes necessary, as several squads of squished Rebels would attest to, were they alive to speak (those AT-STs are brutal).

Plus, small bits of base management and a grand strategic map with planets conferring special abilities.

Gamespot sent me an offer to download Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones for 49.99. Sorry, the convenience can be good, but companies are going to have to offer something other than typical prices and no actual property if they expect to shift to the downloadable market.

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